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Ioannis Ikonomou – the man who speaks 32 languages

While I speak 6 of them, this assignment added a new dimension to my concept of a language. Ioannis Ikomomou learns languages submerging himself into a countries culture, customs and eating it’s food. He works as a translator for the EU in Brussels and believes: “Problems arise just because people don’t understand one another.”

Photographed for Reader’s Digest 09/11

Groningen – Capital of Taste 2011

Groningen, Dutch Capital of Taste 2011, photographed for Mobil. Brussels Lof is a great place to eat fish. Chef Martin Jarings serves fresh products from the fish market around the corner. Echt lekker!

Published in Mobil, the magazine of Deutsche Bahn, 06/2011.

Culinary country outings in Germany


Restaurant Wasserpavilllon at Castle Wasserburg Anholt, Niederrhein region


Jakl Koehler, “Senner”, alpine dairymen, Alpe Sonnhalde, Allgäu region, Germany

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Côte d’Azur – The Light

Côte d'Azur, Travel

The coast, the light, the people.

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Pedal Power

Luud Schimmelpennink Portrait Amsterdam

Luud Schimmelpennink for more than 46 years the man behind the urban bike. In 1965 he was jointly responsible for the free ‘White Bicycle’ in Amsterdam. Today he is involved in urban bicycle schemes around the world.

Photographed for Reader’s Digest 06/2011.