Portrait photography

Corporate Portrait Shoot – Veolia Planet Magazine

We had a sunny portrait shoot in Amsterdam with Dick Kramer Freher, Chief Operations Officer Vroomshoop plant, The Netherlands, for the Veolia Planet Magazine.

Corporate Portrait Photographer, Amsterdam

Corporate portrait photography for Veolia Planet Magazine 10/2018

Banana Recipes – Food Photography

Fresh on the table! My food photography story on cooking with banana on the island of Tenerife has been published by the german ADAC Reisemagazin. Big thanks go out to chefs Sibia García (Tasca La Mesa Noche), Eduardo Pelayo, Esteban Gómez and bartender Petar Grishev Marinov.

Food photography for ADAC Reisemagazin 161, Kanarische Inseln, 11/12 2017. Artdirector: Andreas Wiedemann, Photoeditor: Floran Stern, Production: Miquel Gonzalez, Foodstyling: Miquel Gonzalez, Text: Katarina Lukač

Syrco Bakker Restaurant Pure C

My food story about Syrco Bakker’s restaurant Pure C in Cadzand, The Netherlands, published in Der Feinschmecker. “Syrco Bakker (1984) trained under chefs such as Sergio Herman, Jean-Georges Klein, Jonnie Boer and Gordon Ramsay is now in charge of Pure C’s kitchen staff. Syrco Bakker exudes work ethic, zeal and inexhaustible creativity. Being awarded a Michelin star in 2011 has already made it clear: Syrco’s cooking is part of the gastronomic premier league.”

Culinary portrait photography published in Der Feinschmecker 8/2017, Germany. Art Direction: Peter Steiner, Styling: Miquel Gonzalez, Assistant: Serge van Empelen.

Portrait Series – Basques – People of Euzkadi

My portrait series People of Euzkadi, the Basque Country, just published in the new ADAC Reisemagazin Baskenland, featuring shepherds and cheese-makers Puy and Jon Arrieta, artist Agustín Ibarrola, restaurant chef Elena Arzak, Athletic Bilbao fan Enrique Thate, bike promoter Juan Carlos Escudero, voluntary Juan Barturen, salt worker Edorta Loma and fashion designer Leire Santillán. Eskerrik asko!

Portrait Series Basque CountryPortrait Series Basque Country, Agustín Ibarrola Portrait Series Basque Country, Elena Arzak Portrait Series Basque Country Portrait Series Basque Country Portrait Series Basque Country

Portrait series published in ADAC Reisemagazin Baskenland, Nr 153, July/August 2016

Rob Wainwright – Director of Europol

Portrait session with Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol, for Die Welt

Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol