Everything you ever wanted to know about saliva but never dared ask.

Erika Silletti, NIZO food research, The Netherlands,

Interesting portrait shoot of the Italian saliva expert Erika Silletti for Wired Italy. She does food research at the NIZO in Ede, part of the dutch Food Valley. Each of us generates 1,4 liters of this hightech product daily.  You can read the full story inside this month’s Wired Italy magazine. If you are not fluent in Italian, you can get some insights in English at Science Friday: The Story of Saliva. Saliva expert Erika Silletti for this month’s Wired Italy. Saliva = speeksel (nl) = Speichel (de)

Erika Silletti portrait for Wired

Portrait for Wired 12/2014