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Tewodros Dechase – Portrait for Selamta, Ethiopian Airlines

Tewodros Dechase, Selamta, Ethiopian Airlines Magazine

I had the chance to shoot Tewodros Dechase for Selamta, the in-flight magazine of Ethiopian Airlines. He uses the materials and skills to be found in Ethiopia for creating quality, sustainable leatherwear. Based in Amsterdam, his footwear company Dechase marries quality and tradition to environmental and social responsibility.

Portrait photography published in Selamta, Ethiopian Airlines Magazine 01/2020

Gabi Schenkel – Atlantic Challenge

Gabi Schenkel in the Netherlands before heading off for the 4800 km Atlantic Challenge in her rowing boat, crossing the Atlantic from the Canary Island to the Caribbean.

Portrait photography for Schweizer Illustrierte 12/2019

The Green Team – UWV

These landscape workers of Stichting Landschap Noord-Holland are a green dream-team. Shot for UWV NL Werkt .

Corporate photography for UWV NL Werkt Autumn/2019

Cow Cuddling – Norwegian Airlines

Great fun shooting this amazing Cow Cuddling story for Norwegian Airlines in the Netherlands.

Editorial photography for Norwegian Airlines 10/2019

Portrait Series – Basques – People of Euzkadi

My portrait series People of Euzkadi, the Basque Country, just published in the new ADAC Reisemagazin Baskenland, featuring shepherds and cheese-makers Puy and Jon Arrieta, artist Agustín Ibarrola, restaurant chef Elena Arzak, Athletic Bilbao fan Enrique Thate, bike promoter Juan Carlos Escudero, voluntary Juan Barturen, salt worker Edorta Loma and fashion designer Leire Santillán. Eskerrik asko!

Portrait Series Basque CountryPortrait Series Basque Country, Agustín Ibarrola Portrait Series Basque Country, Elena Arzak Portrait Series Basque Country Portrait Series Basque Country Portrait Series Basque Country

Portrait series published in ADAC Reisemagazin Baskenland, Nr 153, July/August 2016