Memoria Perdida featured in the Washington Post

Memoria Perdida, the photo book on Spain’s lack of historical memory, featured in the Washington Post: “Miquel Gonzalez, a photographer with Spanish roots living in Holland, became frustrated at the lack of memorials at the sites of atrocities committed against the Spanish people during the Spanish Civil War and under the repressive regime of Francisco Franco. According to Gonzalez, as many as 114,000 bodies of those killed during that period in Spain’s history are still in unmarked mass graves on the edges of towns and villages. Many of the sites have been lost or forgotten, and some have been covered up by new construction, erasing any sign of the past. Spurred by his frustration, Gonzalez spent three years traveling Spain, searching for what he calls its “lost memory.”
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Barranco del Carrizal, Órgiva, Granada